Rules / Safety

Rules and Guidelines!

To ensure the safety of you and your guests as well as our equipment, Safety Jump includes as part of our rental agreement that you become familiar with and agree to implement the following:

RULE #1 and MOST IMPORTANT: A Responsible Adult must be in attendance and closely supervise all activity while any inflatable or piece of our equipment is In operation. You, the customer are responsible for providing such supervision during the entire time that our party rental equipment is in your possession, unless ParkPlayParty has agreed in writing to provide this service.

RULE #2 Do not overload any of the inflatables. Each of our inflatables have a capacity chart posted near the entrance. The maximum rider capacity should never be exceeded.

RULE #3 All Inflatables are physically challenging. Any person with a health impairment, disease, high blood pressure, back, neck or other bone/joint problems, or any other conditions that might cause problems when physically challenged should not be allowed in any of our inflatables.

RULE #4 Remove all sharp and pointed objects before entering. Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and jewelry before entering.

RULE #5 No food, gum, drinks, pets, or sprays inside unit.

RULE #6 No jumping down any slide surface. Participants must come down any slide surface one at a time w/feet first.

RULE #7 No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing, or piling on others. NO rough play inside the inflatable unit.

RULE #8 No Silly String shall be allowed inside or in a close proximity outside where it may come in contact with our inflatable. If Silly String comes in contact with any part of our inflatable damage charges may be a (min. of $500)

RULE #9 Do not play near the entrance or exit. Do not jump against, climb, or play near the sides or walls.

RULE #10 Participants should not sit or lay down while others are bouncing around them, as a jumping child could fall down on top of a sitting or lying child.

RULE #11 Do not use the inflatable during periods of rain or excessive winds (20mph or greater). In the event of severe weather, (lightning, thunder, rain or high winds) instruct all occupants to immediately exit the inflatable and DO NOT allow re-entry until the weather clears and inflatable is DRY.


Customer is responsible for returning the unit in the same condition in which it was received. We reserve the right to assess a fine of $50 for each hour spent cleaning the unit. The cost of any physical damages will also be charged to the customer. SILLY string use a minimum of $500, up the cost of replacement.


It is the customers responsibility to clearly mark any sprinklers head on lines in the are where the units are to be set-up. Savage jump is not responsible for any damage to sprinklers or sprinkler lines during installation or removal.