Weather policy

Cumulus Clouds
If the weather turns bad, there is no fee to cancel, however, we do require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. The deposit amount will be saved as a rain check available for credit within 1 year (No refunds are given). For cancellations less than 24 hours prior to your event the deposit will be forfeited. Once we have arrived at your event we have to pay our employees for their hard work and gas, therefore, we require full payment regardless of use or set-up.

If a customer cancels the order on Friday afternoon because the forecast calls for rain on Saturday. Then on Saturday you wake up and see it is going to be a beautiful day (we see this all the time) and you call ParkPlayParty to reschedule the equipment that you canceled the day before there is no guarantee that ParkPlayParty will be able to deliver the unit to you on time or at all depending on our schedule and staffing. We will make every attempt to get something out to you in a reasonable time frame although it can’t be guaranteed as we make our schedules out the night before and we don’t know if we will have additional capacity on the day you are calling.
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We know that events and parties are planned weeks/ months in advance and that is why we will deliver to customers who want to continue their order. After all, who can bear the disappointment on the kid’s faces, and the kids won’t mind taking a cake break while a little afternoon shower passes. If winds exceed 20 mph, lightning occurs, or it begins to rain Heavy please clear everyone from the inflatable. After all, participants are out, unplug the blower from the power outlet, and wait for the weather to subside. After the weather has passed, wipe the unit and motor dry, and re-inflate the unit as previously instructed by the ParkPlayParty during set-up. Wait for the unit to fully inflate, and then use towels to dry the inside of the bounce house to avoid any slipping. Please keep in mind the inflatables become very slippery when wet. We know everyone wants to get back to playing, but safety is always the priority.
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