Do you charge a travel fee?
We operate out of Garfield heights, Ohio. Any event over 40 miles roundtrip will incur a $1.00 per mile fee.
When do I Pay the balance?
A. Any time before your services arrive. At the latest, upon arrival of any services. It’s easier when paid the day before.
How do I pay the balance or make payments?
A. Revisit your contract and click balance next to Make Payment.
Characters - I’m interested in a character not pictured?
We have a list of characters, some more popular than others. If you are interested in characters not pictured. Please just ask. Most times we can order new characters and accommodate your needs. New inventory takes about 20-40 days to receive.
I made my deposit and was told to pay the balance when entertainment arrives. Why am I getting emails for balance?
A. These are automatic emails which gives you the option to pay balance ahead of time therefore it’s out of the way before the party. Often times are hectic at the party and most of our clients pay ahead of time. It’s less hassle and collecting the day before prevent cutting into your event time. Collecting the balance upon arrival is fine too.
How early should I book you?
The earlier the better! Weekends book up quickly, so you may not get your desired time if you call at the last minute. 4-6Pm goes first.
Do you require a deposit ?
Yes, this protects you as well as us. We often get multiple requests for the same time/date, and deposits ensure there will be no disappointments. We will make sure your date is locked in once we receive your deposit. All deposit are $75 and nonrefundable.
How much do you charge?
Most of our items are hourly or daily set rental rates. Pricing can depend on many other factors as well, including the size of the event, the service chosen, the length of time desired, the travel distance, the time of week and the season. If you have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email and we can set up a consultation about your event.
Are you insured?
Yes through Clowns of America
What will the team need when they arrive at my event?
This depends on the rentals you choose. Most times we do not require a big space but please keep in mind if you reserve a Pony, a reserve parking space will help our team get to you easier. Face painters need a designated space where the line will not block the flow of the party. Other rentals are minor space needed, most important be mindful of the space you are having your event in.
Can a single artist offer face painting and balloon twisting during a booking?
Yes in hour increments. The first hour would be face paint and the next hour balloon twist. Or vice versa. We are internally moving to a drop off premade balloon method.
Is there anything the kids need to know?
Our performers are human, and we are great with working with children. Some kids are a little excited and want to fight, pull or kick our characters, so we kindly ask that the children at the event be instructed not to touch them in a harming way. Please make sure a parent or guardian is around to keep an eye on the little ones at all times.
How many kids can be painted in an hour of face painting?
As is the industry standard, our face painter can paint around 12-15 kids per hour for smaller private parties. (Please call to discuss numbers for corporate event planning.) This allows for an average of 6 minutes per child. If more want to participate in the fun, please book additional time in advance, as we hate to disappoint the kids. We usually have to pack up and leave promptly, in order to be on time for the next party!
My party started late or running over the time I plan, Can I request more time at the event?
Often times our days is mapped out to a T, you can always ask and if we have no other scheduled events, we can definitely stay.
What type of paints do you use?
We use water activated professional face and body paints made with FDA approved ingredients. They wash off with soap and water. We also use cosmetic grade glitter.
Are there instances where it’s not possible to paint a face?
Our face painters will not paint those who do not want to be painted. Also, children under 2 years of age have especially sensitive skin, and have a harder time sitting still. For these reasons, as well as insurance coverage, we ask that the faces presented to our artists belong to children two years and up. Lastly, our artists cannot paint people who appear to be suffering from open wounds, skin irritations, runny noses, or appear in any way unwell.
What are your hygiene procedures for face painting?
Throughout each event our face painting kits are constantly cleaned. Water is changed frequently, and fresh sponges and applicators are used for each child. After each event all brushes, sponges, applicators, towels, as well as the entire kit are cleaned and sanitized.